Understanding Your Property Tax Assessment

In Cuyahoga County, property tax assessments play a crucial role in determining your property taxes. These assessments mirror your property’s value. If you find this valuation inaccurate or unjust, the Board of Revision provides a path for adjustment, aiming to align your property taxes more closely with its true value.

Actively Engaging with the Board of Revision

The Board of Revision critically reviews homeowner disputes regarding property valuations to ensure everyone receives a fair assessment. Beginning this challenge might seem overwhelming, but a clear understanding of the process can empower you as a homeowner to seek a just evaluation.

Strategic Steps to Challenge Your Cuyahoga County Property Taxes

  1. Preparation is Key: Compile evidence that questions your property’s current valuation. This could include recent sales figures for similar properties, professional appraisals, or records of your property’s specific conditions.
  2. Efficient Filing: E-filing is the most streamlined method for lodging your complaint, removing the need for notarization and saving time. Necessary details include a valid email address and phone number. You will receive an immediate confirmation email with a PDF of your filed complaint. For alternative filing options, submitting your complaint via mail, email, or fax is possible. Ensure to fill out, notarize, and submit a DTE 1 form through your preferred method.
  3. Observing the Deadline: The importance of timeliness cannot be overstated. Your complaint must be filed by 11:59 PM EST on March 31, 2023. For those submitting by mail, ensure the postmark is no later than March 31 to meet the timeliness criteria.

The Next Steps After Filing

Following your submission, you might be invited to a hearing to present your evidence before the Board. This is your chance to argue for a revised assessment directly. A well-prepared presentation of your evidence is crucial to achieving a favorable outcome.


Initiating a challenge against your property tax assessment with the Board of Revision can result in a more equitable valuation of your property, potentially lowering your tax liabilities. This process demands meticulous preparation and strict adherence to deadlines but stands as a critical avenue for ensuring equitable taxation. For expert assistance throughout this process, Brenden Kelley Law is ready to help. Contact us at 216-644-3359 for a consultation.

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