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Brenden Kelley Law is a leading provider of estate planning services in Ohio. We believe that estate planning is more than just deciding “who” is to get “what” when you pass away. It’s about securing your retirement, achieving your life goals, and leaving a lasting legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Contrary to common belief, estate planning is essential for anyone looking to protect their assets and ensure their wishes are honored, not just the wealthy. Our firm offers personalized guidance in navigating the complexities of estate planning, ensuring your plan is tailored to meet your unique needs and complies with Ohio law.

What is Estate Planning

Estate planning is the strategic process of arranging your assets to ensure your wishes are respected and your loved ones are protected. It involves drafting wills and trusts, establishing powers of attorney, and creating healthcare directives. Our Ohio estate planning attorneys are skilled in developing comprehensive plans that cover probate avoidance, tax planning, and asset protection, tailored to the individual needs of residents across Ohio, from Cleveland to Cincinnati.

We provide tailored estate plans to meet the specific needs and wishes of our clients. We understand the importance of detailed instructions for executors and trustees, clear beneficiary designations, and executed healthcare directives to prevent family disputes and ensure that your wishes are honored. By taking a proactive approach to estate planning, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected and your loved ones are taken care of.

Let Brenden Kelley Law, one of the best trust estate planning law firms in Ohio, guide you through the intricacies of estate planning. Our experience with Ohio’s estates and trusts laws ensure that your estate plan is legally sound. Our experience working with families ensures that your estate plan is optimized for your unique family circumstances.

Do I need an estate plan?

The question of whether one needs an estate plan often arises only after it’s too late. The absence of a plan—or having an inadequate one—can lead to significant financial strain, potentially costing your loved ones tens of thousands of dollars in probate and legal fees. Without a proper estate plan, assets could inadvertently be passed to a young beneficiary without necessary oversight, or your spouse could face the burden of unpaid medical and funeral expenses due to frozen bank accounts.

Another reason people hesitate to create an estate plan is the discomfort in discussing death. Although it’s natural to wish for a long and healthy life, the reality is that no one lives forever. Brenden Kelley, of Brenden Kelley Law, understands these challenges personally, having faced the loss of his father and brother as a teenager. Brenden emphasizes from experience, the difficulties that arise from not having a comprehensive estate plan, which can add unnecessary hardship during already trying times.

An estate plan does more than just safeguard your assets; it provides peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order, allowing you to live life more fully. Moreover, it spares your family from having to navigate complex legal and financial issues during their time of grief, letting them focus on healing and remembering. Brenden Kelley Law is here to assist you in drafting a comprehensive estate plan that meets your goals, ensuring your legacy is protected and your loved ones are cared for according to your wishes. Whether it involves tax planning, drafting essential estate documents, or understanding the terms of the trust, our firm is committed to providing the expertise and support needed to create a robust Ohio estate plan.

What Do Estate Planning Lawyers Do?

Our law firm offers a broad range of services to assist with every aspect of your estate planning needs. From drafting detailed estate documents that clearly articulate the terms of your trust, to planning how to efficiently manage and distribute your assets. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in Ohio’s estate laws, helping to navigate through minimizing estate and inheritance taxes, simplifying the probate process, and implementing strategies for asset protection.

For individuals in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and across Ohio, our services are designed to be thorough and considerate of your specific circumstances. This includes not only traditional estate planning but also addressing the needs of business owners through succession planning and entity structuring. This ensures the longevity and protection of your business interests. Moreover, for those with particular concerns or unique family dynamics, we are proficient in creating trusts and legal arrangements to secure your financial legacy and provide for your loved ones’ future.

By choosing Brenden Kelley Law, you’re opting for a team that prioritizes understanding your individual estate planning objectives. We are committed to guiding you through the planning process, ensuring that every component of your estate plan is crafted with precision and care. Our approach is to offer support and advice, helping you to make informed decisions that ensure your estate plan accurately reflects your wishes, thereby offering peace of mind to you and your family.

Estate Planning

The Brenden Kelley Difference

I don’t believe in providing you with a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter estate plan. I prioritize working closely with you and your family to address your needs and goals.

My approach to estate planning is both unique and personal, focusing on more than just legal documents—it’s about understanding your family dynamics, your dreams for your children, and ensuring a fulfilling retirement.

I am committed to creating an estate plan tailored for you. When you choose me as your lawyer, you’re not just getting legal advice; you’re getting a partner who’s genuinely invested in your family’s future.

At my firm, we do things differently. That’s the Brenden Kelley Difference. Contact me today for dedicated and customized legal advice you can rely on.

Why Do I Need An Estate Planning Lawyer In Ohio?

Navigating the complexities of estate planning in Ohio requires a nuanced understanding of the state’s specific laws on estate and inheritance taxes, as well as probate processes. That’s where the expertise of an Ohio estate planning lawyer becomes invaluable. At Brenden Kelley Law, we’re equipped to guide you through these intricacies, ensuring your estate plan not only meets your goals but is also compliant with Ohio regulations.

Ohio’s unique legal landscape, especially regarding estate and inheritance taxes and probate proceedings, necessitates knowledgeable assistance. By partnering with Brenden Kelley Law, you gain access to professionals proficient in tax planning and familiar with the state’s legal requirements. You can be confident that your estate plan will be personalized, compliant with Ohio laws, and designed to protect your assets and loved ones.

What Estate Planning Services does Brenden Kelly Law Firm Provide?

  • Drafting Wills and Trusts: Wills and trusts are vital components of estate planning, serving as directives for the distribution of assets and the care of beneficiaries after an individual’s death. Our firm is experienced in crafting personalized wills and trusts that comply with Ohio law and safeguard your legacy.
  • Estate Administration: This involves the management and distribution of an individual’s estate after their death. Our firm supports executors and beneficiaries in handling both probate and non-probate matters in Ohio, streamlining the process and addressing any potential disputes and legal challenges efficiently.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning: We develop strategies to minimize or avoid estate and gift taxes, allowing a larger portion of the estate to benefit the beneficiaries. Our approach includes utilizing innovative tax planning techniques and keeping up-to-date with tax laws affecting Ohio residents.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney: This document specifies a person’s medical treatment preferences if they cannot make decisions themselves.
    • Financial Power of Attorney: A Financial Power of Attorney is a legal tool that allows someone to manage your financial affairs if you are unable.
    • Establishing Powers of Attorney: Powers of attorney are essential for authorizing someone to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf. We assist clients in choosing the right powers of attorney for their situations, ensuring their affairs are managed as they wish in case of incapacity.
  • Guardianship: Establishing guardianship is important for the care and decision-making of minors or incapacitated adults. Our firm takes a compassionate approach to these sensitive issues, ensuring the well-being and financial interests of your loved ones are protected.
  • Asset Protection: Protecting your assets is a crucial aspect of estate planning. We help clients utilize trusts, family limited partnerships, and other mechanisms to shield their financial legacy from creditors and legal disputes.
  • Business Succession Planning: Proper planning is key to a smooth transition of business ownership and operations after an owner’s departure due to retirement, incapacity, or death. We work with business owners to preserve the value of their business and ensure its ongoing success with tailored succession plans.
  • Charitable Giving: Charitable contributions can provide tax benefits and enable individuals to leave a lasting impact. Our firm guides clients in structuring their charitable giving to maximize both their philanthropic goals and tax advantages under Ohio law.
  • Retirement Planning: Integrating retirement planning with your estate plan is vital for financial security and achieving your retirement objectives. We assist clients in harmonizing their retirement and estate plans for a comprehensive approach to securing their future and legacy.

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Transparent Pricing: Transparency is a cornerstone of our practice. We offer a clear fee structure to ensure that you understand all costs upfront, eliminating surprises and building trust.

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