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The Impact of Property Taxes

At Brenden Kelley Law we have a long track record of representing residential and commercial property owners in Cleveland, Ohio who are challenging their property tax valuations. We understand that property taxes can be a significant financial burden, and we are here to help you navigate the complex process of challenging and appealing your property tax assessment.

Property taxes are taxes imposed on real estate and are typically based on the value of the property. The county in which the property is located is responsible for appraising the property and determining its value for tax purposes. This value is then used to calculate the property tax owed by the owner. The property tax is used to fund local government services such as schools, police and fire departments, and roads.

Challenging your Property Value

If you believe that your property has been assessed at a higher value than it is actually worth, you have the right to challenge the assessment. The first step in challenging your assessment is to file a complaint with the County Board of Revision. This must be done within a specific timeframe, typically within the first half of the year. The complaint must include the property owner’s name, address and legal description of the property, the current value of the property and the owner’s opinion of the property’s value.

At the County Board of Revision, the property owner has the opportunity to present evidence and argue that their assessment is incorrect. They may also request an informal hearing with the county auditor. The evidence can include recent sales data for similar properties in the area, property condition, and any other relevant information that would support the owner’s case. If the county auditor finds that the assessment is incorrect, they will adjust the assessment. If the property owner is not satisfied with the decision of the County Board of Revision, they can appeal to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals. The appeal must be filed within a specific timeframe, typically within 30 days of the County Board of Revision decision.

Navigating the Process

Brenden Kelley Law has extensive experience representing clients in property tax appeals at both the County Board of Revision and the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals. We can help you navigate the process, gather and present evidence, and argue your case to ensure that your property is assessed at its fair market value. We can also assist you in filing paperwork and meeting deadlines, ensuring that your case is heard in a timely manner.


The Brenden Kelley Difference

Brenden Kelley Law, Cleveland Ethics LawyerWhen it comes to property valuation disputes, it often feels like homeowners are pitted against the formidable opponent that is City Hall.

The process can seem designed for homeowners to lose, but I’m here to level the playing field.

Property tax increases follow a highly procedural path, governed by laws written and administered by the government. It’s a system that can leave you feeling like you’re not getting a fair shake. However, I understand these laws, procedures, and the “secret sauce” better than they do.

Navigating a property tax valuation challenge is akin to a chess game. It’s a game of deadlines and paperwork that unfolds in a seemingly unfair manner. But with a skilled attorney like myself by your side, we can strategically lead the way, ensuring that the system works in your favor and effectively “proving your innocence.”

When you choose me as your legal counsel, you’re not just hiring an attorney; you’re enlisting a trusted advocate who knows how to navigate the complexities of property tax disputes. For professional legal guidance you can rely on, don’t hesitate to reach out via the form below or by giving me a call. Your property tax valuation challenge deserves the Brenden Kelley Difference.

In addition to challenging property tax valuations, our firm can also assist property owners with property tax exemptions and abatements, which can provide relief from property taxes for certain groups such as veterans or senior citizens.

If you are a property owner in Cleveland, Ohio and believe that your property tax assessment is incorrect, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our firm will be happy to review your case and advise you on the best course of action. We will work with you to ensure that your property is assessed at its fair market value and that you are not overpaying on your property taxes.

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