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What is Estate Planning

Estate planning at its simplest is the process of deciding “who” is to get “what” when you pass away. However, with the right estate planning attorney, it can be about so much more. Your estate plan should be about how you want to enjoy your retirement, achieving your life’s goals, and passing on a legacy to your children & grandchildren. At Brenden Kelley Law, our team is here to listen to your unique needs, concerns, and aspirations, in order to build an estate plan that fits your life.

Brenden has seen plenty of wills and trusts written by the big law firms in Cleveland. Families have paid tens of thousands of dollars and entrusted their fortunes to firms still using carbon copy estate plans from the 80s and 90s. At Brenden Kelley Law, you will never see an identical estate plan. Your plan will be designed and implemented specifically for you and your family.

Estate Planning for Individuals and Families of all shapes & sizes

At Brenden Kelley Law, we don’t want exorbitant legal fees to preclude you from protecting your family. That is why we offer flat fee and ala carte options to fit your budget and needs. And there are no hidden or extra fees like many other firms.

Brenden Kelley Law will work with you and your family to design and build an estate plan that is right for you. Fill out a Contact Form, or call 216-644-3359 to schedule your consultation.

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Estate Planning

The Brenden Kelley Difference

Brenden Kelley Law, Cleveland Ethics LawyerI don’t provide a copy & paste or cookie cutter estate plan and charge you tens of thousands of dollars

I work with you and your family to understand your fears, the underly issues, and come up with real solutions. Lawyers tend to think that estate planning is about documents, money & death. Its actually about family dynamics, your aspirations for your children, and how you will enjoy the rest of your life once you retire.

For professional and personal legal council that you can trust, reach out to me via the form below, or, simply call me.

Do I need an Estate Plan?

After someone passes away one question inevitably comes up: why didn’t they have a plan? It’s because too often people think they don’t need an estate plan. They assume it’s for multi-millionaires with vast fortunes to protect. However, even with modest assets the wrong plan (or lack thereof) could cost your children tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary probate and attorney fees. A portion of your assets could be left to your immature 18-year-old grandchild without any adult supervision. Or your spouse could be left with medical and funeral bills that they cannot pay because your bank accounts are frozen by the probate court.

The other reason why people choose to not get an estate plan is because they do not want to talk about death. While we all hope that we live well into our 90s and don’t face major health issues, none of us will live forever. Brenden dealt with these very issues firsthand growing up, losing his father and brother when he was a teenager. Brenden will also be the first person to say that the lack of a well thought out estate plan caused additional hardships and strife at the worst possible moment. Not only will an estate plan give you peace of mind while you’re alive, but it will also allow your family to focus on what matters most after you pass and not be overwhelmed with legal and financial issues.

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