As a property owner in Summit County, Ohio, it’s important to understand the process of property tax assessments and when you can expect to receive your assessment notice. Additionally, if you believe your assessment is incorrect, it’s important to know the steps to take to file a challenge with the Board of Revision.

When will property tax assessments be sent to property owners?

Property tax assessments are typically sent out in late February or early March of each year. These assessments reflect the value of the property as of January 1st of that year. Property owners will have the opportunity to review their assessments and file a complaint if they believe their assessment is incorrect.

How to file a challenge with the Board of Revision

If a property owner believes their assessment is incorrect, they can file a complaint with the Board of Revision. The complaint must be filed within the first 30 days of the assessment notice being sent out. The complaint must be in writing and include the property owner’s name, address, and a description of the property in question. The complaint must also include the reason for the challenge and any supporting documentation that the property owner wishes to provide. Complaints are due by March 31st every year.

What happens after the Board of Revision receives the complaint?

After the Board of Revision receives the complaint, they will schedule a hearing. The property owner will be notified of the date and time of the hearing. At the hearing, the property owner will have the opportunity to present their case and any supporting documentation to the Board. The Board will then make a decision regarding the complaint. If the Board finds in favor of the property owner, they will adjust the assessment accordingly.

Understanding the property tax assessment process in Summit County, Ohio is important for all property owners. It’s important to know when to expect your assessment notice, and what steps to take if you believe your assessment is incorrect. By following the appropriate steps, property owners can effectively file a complaint with the Board of Revision and have their concerns heard. For expert assistance throughout this process, Brenden Kelley Law is ready to help. Contact us at 216-644-3359 for a consultation.

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Additional Resource: Visit the Summit County Board of Revision’s website for forms, procedures, and additional information.